Green IT – Be Part of The Solution

The three core components of green IT are equipment, power and cooling: Mainly desktops, laptops, servers, storage and networking hardware and the data center facilities that house it all. seen IT is not just about "Saving the planet;" it may cut closer than you ever imagined to saving your company and your job. Going green goes straight to your bottom line. It forces us all to plan, build, think (!) more efficiently than we probably ever have in our careers, and if you ask us, that is a welcome thing. Committing to green IT going forward is doing something of real substance that helps your business as opposed to some of the questionable window-dressing called for by some environmental activists. Those negative aspectsof "the movement" are unfortunate because they drive conservatives and many business leaders crazy, and more importantly drive them away from the very solutions that could be the key to their business survival. A holistic approach to IT transformation can reduce the electrical use of data centers better than individual site improvements.

Data centers built or updated to reflect green IT have been empirically tested and verified as achieving nearly 80% infrastructure efficiency. Following Energy Star guidelines issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), computer manufacturers are now building highly-efficient, low-power-draw desktops and laptops. While most server chips today can execute four computation "threads" or as few as one, new multi-core processors using chip multiprocessor (CMP) technology are emerging that can simultaneously execute up to 32 threads-nearly doubling performance while using 30-50% less power. Those developments provide energy-efficient solutions for "thick" client manufacturing, but wholesale replacement of individual desktop PCs with thin client/server architecture can drastically reduce electrical power consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in ways that no thick-client efficiency campaign can achieve.

New LCD monitors are emerging that offer energy savings of 45% over the old models. Greet IT Spectrum - Companies with the greatest impact? Recent studies claim that IT users in India are among the most favorably disposed to preferring green IT alternatives if they appear to positive impact both the environment and their budgets- and to "Put their money where their mouths are" by paying a small premium to go green. From this fertile green IT ground, India-based HCL, one of the world's leading IT service providers, is also fast become a world leader when it comes to not just talking about green IT as some others are doing but actually deploying it for customers. The results of HCL's adherence to green IT best practices, reflected here and Exhibit G-2 below, speak for themselves: