Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Consolidation One of the major initiatives confronting many businesses today is data center consolidation. Data center consolidation saves energy, reduces physical space requirements, and optimizes the processing of information, all of which have the added bonus of reducing carbon footprints andhelping protect the environment. Security costs play a central role in data center consolidation, accounting for about 10 percent of the total infrastructure costs. Conventional methods of implementing network security and arranging the physical space of the data centers, such as stacking property boxes one on top of the other, is outdated and inefficient. All of this equipment increases capital costs, operating expenses and energy consumption. Milli Micro Systems has a proven approach for the consolidation of the security infrastructure. Our solutions have been implemented in some of the largest networks on the planet, including US government agencies. By moving the physical network and security devices to a highly scalable, highly redundant platform or virtual environment, MMS helps customers consolidate devices, as well as the reduce capital and operations costs.

Our SolutionsMilli Micro Systems creates consolidated data center intensive virtualization technologies are featured in public sector organizations and companies across the US. These solutions create sustainable environments that are more profitable and easier to experts can help you examine your current working practices and user demands, and will then audit your systems and develop an effective strategy for data center consolidation. Our services include designing, planning and executing your data center consolidation, including all aspects of network architecture, connectivity, integration and migration, as well as ongoing support and managed services. The MMS Approach to Data Center ConsolidationMMS can help you build effective solutions that incorporate all the networks, user services and applications to one or more centralized locations, which lowers operating costs and the costs of future investments. These improvements also fortify the safety and security of your organization, and create reliable platforms that can be used for collaborative applications, such as Unified Communications.Using solutions based on global data services, enterprises can accelerate their applications and ensure effective consolidation of global and regional data centers. MMS solutions significantly improve the performance of critical applications running over the WAN, and at the same time reduce the use of network bandwidth on the WAN. This increases employee productivity and makes it possible for IT managers to further optimize IT infrastructure and reduce IT maintenance course, organizations may still need a backup center for disaster recovery.

MMS can help organizations improve the speed of backup and data replication for all data centers. MMS Data Center PlatformWith MMS's platform, you can:??? Establish a availability and performance benchmarks??? Track the success of the data center consolidation strategy??? Compare the performance of the application before and after consolidation??? Effectively manage complex environments with multiple data centers??? Ensure that web applications are optimized for display on all strategic browsers, operating systems and mobile devices (before and after consolidation)??? Ensure that specialized environments function as before, during and after the consolidation??? Provide complete visibility throughout the distribution chain before, during and after the transformation to a virtualized data center??? Provide full visibility regarding the use, bandwidth and containment applications in all aspects of your network to include links to Internet, LAN and WAN??? Identify targets for application performance before they are changed by using the response time indicator in order to establish realistic and achievable service level objectives??? Centralize the entire inventory and use performance monitoring tools in a comprehensive management solution